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KC&F Agency

An agency that’s built around your needs

We are a new type of agency.
Bespoke teams, Specialist talent

At KC&F we build specialist teams around your needs and budget. Streamlined teams trusted to bring experience to bear on high-level strategic and creative problems. Everything starts and ends with meeting your needs.


Expert Consultants

Many of our pharma specialists have multi-sector knowledge and support our B2B clients too, but all have the credentials and significant experience required to develop compliant creative for this highly regulated and complex industry.


Diverse Thinking

A tale of brilliant minds, hard-won experience, resilience, adaptability to a changing world, global awareness, local knowledge, unfettered creativity, a passion for excellence and a compelling drive to change people’s lives for the better.


Creative Expansion

Every advertising agency says it’s different, passionate, highly creative, dedicated to excellence. Every pharma client needs marketing that’s striking, effective, compliant, meaningful, creative. At KC&F our team are dedicated to not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them.


Smart Production

Pharmaceutical and medical advertising is a singular place, with its own laws, history, culture and ways. To meet these complex needs, KC&F can call upon teams of specialists, writers and creatives as well as ‘friends’ and associates from across the pharma industry meeting all your needs. They support our in-house team with the perfect melding of know-how and knowledge, but a break from the norm when it comes to pharmaceutical advertising.


Positive Performance

At KC&F we provide positive performance, with a strong attention to results acquired through insightful, thoughtful creative. No jargon, no alienating or frightening language. Just clear, tailored advice and explanations designed to empower HCPs and patients.

Our friends won’t let you down

Most of our current and most recent work is not available on a public forum, some of it will sadly never be, but we do have permission to show more case studies on a one to one basis.

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