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An agency that’s built around your needs

We are a new type of agency.
Bespoke teams, Specialist talent

At KC&F we build specialist teams around your needs and budget. Streamlined teams trusted to bring experience to bear on high-level strategic and creative problems. Everything starts and ends with meeting your needs.



Every organisation is different, so we work closely with you to analyse your business. The strategic aspect involves understanding your target audience, competitive landscape, market trends, and business goals to develop a clear brand strategy. This includes defining your brand’s positioning, purpose, values, and establishing a unique brand idea.



Successful brands require a combination of strategic thinking and creative execution. With this combination, we can create a strong and cohesive brand that stands out in the market and connects with your target audience. We want to create a brand experience for your customers that resonates, builds brand loyalty, and ultimately drives business growth.



Every advertising agency says it’s different, passionate, highly creative, dedicated to excellence. Every client needs marketing that’s striking, effective, compliant, meaningful, creative. At KC&F our team are dedicated to not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them.



At KC&F we meet your production needs, by being able to call upon ‘friends’ and associates from across the advertising industry. These teams of directors, writers and creative specialists have a long-standing relationship in supporting our in-house team with the perfect melding of know-how and knowledge.



We provide positive performance, with a strong attention to results acquired through insightful, thoughtful creative. No jargon, no alienating or frightening language. Just clear, tailored advice and explanations designed to empower clients and consumers.

Our friends won’t let you down

The best way to work with us is to book a no-obligation workshop. You can spend a day (or two) with some of our most senior people and get a massive insight into your brand or creative challenges. We can run workshops in any of the areas below or we can create something more bespoke for you.

The output of the workshop including all intellectual property created is yours to keep. Develop it in-house or even with another agency (if you must) but some of the ‘heavy lifting’ will be done.

If you enjoy working with us and want to maintain the momentum of the day then, only when you are 100% happy, we can talk about a longer project.

To set up a call for a workshop or see more of our latest work and meet the team use the form below or drop us an email and let us know what you are interested in.

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Alternatively, you can connect with Neil or Jeremy on LinkedIn.

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