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About Us

A new approach, new tools, some talented new young people as well as some wise old heads.

We operate in three key areas, and integrate when required:

Brand & Design

Strong brands have more loyal customers, and build emotional bonds beyond functionality.


Digital design build, Content & Social, e-mail and landing page optimisation

Comms Planning

Communications Planning & research, leading to big ideas that deliver results

We are a new type of  agency

I wanted to create an agency that was media neutral – that would focus on the right solution without a vested interest in how it was delivered.


I also wanted to create an agency of senior people, whom I could trust to bring experience to bear on high-level strategic and creative problems.


This is no time for novices – only experience, understanding and vision can see the solution and provide the clarity and expertise to bring it memorably and effectively to life.


My aim was to have an agency that practised joined up thinking from beginning to end.


We are an integrated agency that puts an emphasis on specialist talent.


And importantly, talent through the agency at a senior level that would work directly on your business.


At KC&F you don’t buy chiefs and get Indians.


The top people don’t get involved, they are involved – from the start.


Neil Campbell, CEO

Our clients

Meet King & Campbell

35 years of agency experience alongside fresh talent and new energy.

Two principal partners supported by expert talent.

No medium-sized agency can afford to have specialists as part of the permanent payroll

But the new world of comms needs more than just generalists, so we bring in expert talent when we need to

Importantly, these are not just freelancers; they are established friends who we trust and with whom we have mutually beneficial relationships

Jeremy King
Managing Director
Neil Campbell

And meet some friends

Andrew Crosthwaite
Mike Booth
Mike Booth
James Burden
James Burden
Sam T
Sam Trousdale
Eve MacDonald
Account Manager
Charlotte Meredith
Charlotte Reimann-Jones
Account Manager
Imogen Donnell
Imogen Donnell
Account Manager
Sara Lattey KC&F.BW
Sara Lattey

Percent uplift in awareness


Percent uplift in sales


Percent uplift in market share


Percent uplift in engagement

Our Latest Work

Happy Clients

COntact us to see how we can drive your results, rescue your campaigns, and deliver your objectives

Let’s Get In Touch

Contact us now to find out how the new agency model can benefit your output whilst driving your agency costs down.

Head Office

Manor Farm Barn, Lower End, Daglingworth, Cirencester. GL7 7AH.

London Office

Soho Works, 2 Television Centre, 101 Wood Lane, White City, W12 7FR.


+44 (0) 203 657 5739


Contact Us And Say Hello
  • The world is rapidly changing
  • Agencies need to change and adapt equally as fast
  • KC&F has a start-up mentality, built on experience
  • We are looking to add even more new clients, and we would love you to be one of them