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Client Industry

Office products

Project Categories

Branding | Communication

Part of the $2Bn global office products giant ACCO, Rexel has over 80 years of great British design and innovation, their extensive portfolio covers all types of office product.

This iconic stationery brand was reimagined and relaunched in 2017 with a clear focus on its British heritage. Part of the $2Bn global office products giant ACCO, the KC&F branding team have now worked on eight of their most prestigious brands.


The Brief

A critical part of the reinvention of the ACCO Brands Europe brand portfolio, this most British of brands needed a clear identity and strategic position in a stable of many other equally well known industry leaders.

Our Insights

Alongside the Swedish Rapid and German Leitz; Rexel could easily own the British-ness of the sector. Avoiding phone boxes, Union flags and bowler hats the new identity reflected a modern looking Britain with strong innovation and a wide range of products.

“Working is really constructive, down to earth but with a real creative angle, that comes in at a level where we can use it. They really understand processes of how we work – what our end users are about and how our trade works. There is a thorough understanding, strategically and conceptually.”

Ard Jen Spijkervet
Vice President Marketing Europe / Esselte